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When you have a serious legal issue, you need a lawyer who is right for you. You need a lawyer who will treat you with the respect and care you deserve. You need a lawyer who will stand up and fight for you. You need The Douglas Law Group.

Individuals and businesses across Orange County and Southern California have placed their trust in our law firm. With more than two decades of experience, Dana Douglas is an accomplished trial attorney with a record of success. She, along with our team of attorneys and staff, is a strong choice to handle your legal needs.

We Take On Tough Cases. We Get Results.

Most of our work involves employment and personal injury law. Every day we work with people who have been harmed by their employer or by another's negligence. We know how hard it is for one person to go up against a business, government agency or insurance company. At The Douglas Law Group, we battle these opponents in and out of the courtroom. We prepare every case for trial, as we know this is the only way to give our clients the best chance of success. We are never intimidated in our pursuit of justice, and we will never settle for less than what you are entitled to under law. Above all else, we are focused on maximizing the value of your case.

We Want To Hear From You

At The Douglas Law Group, you are never a case file. We are committed to every client we serve, and will invest our time and effort to see that you are treated fairly. Call 800-768-2131 or complete our online contact form to get started. We represent all employees and injury victims on a no-recovery, no-fee basis.